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Crash Test Dummies

The Crash Test Dummies are a Canadian folk rock band from Winnipeg, Manitoba, best known for their 1993 single 'Mmm Mmm Mmm Mmm'.

Revolution Live, Fort Lauderdale, FL
Sat 1/26/19 at - 7:00 PM


Ronnie Spector

The distinctive sound of Ronnie Spector and the Ronettes is the archetype of the music producer Phil Spector's percussive Wall of Sound. Inspired by Ronnie's sultry powerhouse of a voice, heavy with vibrato, Spector engineered a series of hits that long ago found their place in in the rock 'n' roll canon. Her best-known songs include "Be My Baby," "Baby I Love You," and "Don't Worry Baby," the last of which Brian Wilson wrote especially for The Ronettes. Veronica Bennett, as she was known in the early days, made the mistake of marrying Spector, a jealous and controlling husband, in 1966 and spent the next seven years trying to get away from him. In the years since she has toured repeatedly on the comeback circuit, with but mostly without her original group. The Ronettes were inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2007.

Parker Playhouse, Fort Lauderdale, FL
Fri 2/1/19 at - 8:00 PM