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Shen Yun

World Dance,World,Classical Dance

Shen Yun is the first company to present classical Chinese dance to the world on a large scale. The show moves quickly through regions, dynasties, and legends. Ethnic and folk dances fill the stage with color and energy. Tremendous athleticism, thunderous battle drums, and masterful vocalists are all set to animated backdrops that transport you to another world. Shen Yun invites you to experience this divine culture of the Middle Kingdom. Shen Yun brings the profound spirit of this lost civilization to life on stage with unrivaled artistic mastery. Every dance movement, every musical note, makes this a stunning visual and emotional experience you won't find anywhere else. See for yourself why this performance is leaving millions around the world in awe.


Dates in your area:
Adrienne Arsht Center for the Performing Arts
• Fri 3/30/18 at - 8:00 PM
• Sat 3/31/18 at - 2:00 PM
• Sat 3/31/18 at - 8:00 PM
• Sun 4/1/18 at - 2:00 PM
• Sun 4/1/18 at - 7:30 PM

Kravis Center for the Performing Arts
• Tue 4/24/18 at - 8:00 PM
• Wed 4/25/18 at - 2:00 PM