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Peace Ambassador Leadership Summit (PALS)

Community Event

The Peace Ambassador Leadership Summit is a week-long summer program where a diverse group of high school students are invited to exercise their leadership abilities, while forming meaningful friendships. PALS is a safe and judgement-free environment where students share their personal experiences and find commonalities with their peers. Since it's inception in 2014, PALS has created a network of hundreds of students from across the country that have become peer mentors, college roommates, confidants, and have made a lifelong pledge to be upstanders rather than bystanders. Workshops at PALS include, but are not limited to, topics on suicide prevention, cyber, girl-to-girl, and racial & ethnic bullying. Experiencing life on a college campus, gives students insight into college life, while the PALS curriculum simultaneously prepares them in the areas of critical thinking, interpersonal skills, how to search for grants and scholarships, and the importance of building a community.