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"I Love Sushi" Omakase Dinner


In Japan, there is a culinary tradition of ordering omakase, a word that translates to respectfully leaving another to decide what is best, or in gastronomy terms, a chef’s selection. Diners can expect an innovative and surprising variety of dishes that showcase the chef’s creative expression. On June 20, Chef Qui’s Omakase dinner will offer a sybaritic adventure of Japanese-inspired sushi dishes that draw on his impressive capacity for pairing unusual flavors with the skill of a real artist. His omakase multi-course feast is an experience that offers the best of his signature small plates paired with spontaneous sushi creations. The evening is designed to bring together food lover to commune at one large table, sharing an unforgettable meal where each course is more intriguing than the next. $125 per person, exclusive of tax and service charges. Seating is limited. For tickets, visit or call +1 786 655 5600 to book.