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"Living the Dream" Mini-Retreat: Reclaiming Your Power to Create

Health & Wellness/Nutrition

The "Living the Dream" Mini-Retreat has been cultivated by 4 inspiring facilitators who have masterfully skilled techniques to direct and transform resistance into empowerment, allowing you toembrace your highest potential and "Reclaim YOUR Power to Create." This 5 hour mini-getaway, gives you the chance to carefully release self-limiting thoughts and beliefs so you can move into self-actualization through the most important quality you have - The Power to Create. Growth commands self-expression, integration and creativity....the RESULT is the self actualized individual. Without self actualization, all other needs are hindered. The meaning behind your life and the fulfillment of all of your fundamental needs reveals itself when a person moves into self actualization. The VISION is to hold space for you in a way that safely allows you to walk through the door to your creative empowerment. The program has been cultivated by caring facilitators ready for you to embrace your highest potential. Program: Break through blocks preventing inspiration Unlock your highest potential Access limitless possibilities of your imagination Connect with authentic expression Create, Express and Live more authentically Key Benefits: Ignite your Inspiration Acknowledge your creative birthright Empower your authentic self & self actualization Align the Body & Mind into Balance Activate fun and playfulness Reclaim Your Power to Create Mini-Retreat Schedule 11:11 - 12:30 - Instruction & Practice: Identifying challenges with inspiration & Unlocking the potential of your imagination - Break - 12:30 - 1:00 - Lite Lunch Included (can bring lunch if desired) 12:40 - 1:00 - Optional - Learn about Taoist Tea Ceremony & Demo by Ashley Otero 1:00 - 2:00 - Practice & Activity: Living in Color & Connecting with Authentic Expression - Break - 15 min 2:15 - 2:50 - Activate & Empower: Reclaiming Fun & Creativity - Part 1 - Break - 10 min 3:00 - 4:11 - Activate & Empower: Reclaiming Fun & Creativity - Part 2 Healthy Lite lunch is included (gluten & dairy-free) for additional dietary restrictions please feel free to bring a bagged lunch, to enjoy our short lunch break with Tea Ceremony Demo. Preparation: Wearing comfortable clothing is advised for relaxation. Although there are no physical exercises taking place, some practices will offer the opportunity (not required) to sit on the floor with sitting cushion or lay down on a mat for ultimate relaxation. Mats & cushions are provided at Integral Life Center, but feel free to bring your own if is comfortable for you. Chairs are provided for those who prefer no mat. Space is limited, so please register early by applying now!! APPLY NOW: $81 Early Registration - Before June 24th $108 Registration - After June 24th