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Envie Miami Hosts Official Gra段t Cocktail Challenge After Party

Social Event

On Wednesday, June 21st, Envie Miami will host the official after party of the prestigious Gra段t Grappa Cocktail competition, offering guests the chance to celebrate with the some of the most skillful bartenders and mixologists from across the country. The Gra段t Challenge is the world痴 first grappa mixology competition that gives bartenders in different cities the chance to show what kind of concoction they can whip up with the first Italia grappa specifically distilled for mixed drinks. The five-city competition will award 7 winners with an all-inclusive 10-day tour of Italy. The Grand finale challenge will take place at Byblos Miami and will carry on over to Envie Miami for the official after party celebration where mixed drinks will be offered at $12 a pop. The intimate boutique nightclub will bring together cocktail enthusiasts and mastered bartenders from around the country for this one special evening. Join Envie Miami and celebrate this truly extraordinary fete with the winners of Gra段t Grappa Cocktail Challenge!