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Embark on a journey through Edith Piaf’s life with her most beloved songs. Experience how a frail woman who started making a living singing in the streets of working-class Paris went on to become a musical legend. Piaf, an extraordinary theatrical work, has been hailed by critics across Latin America and now makes its North American premiere at the Colony Theatre. Piaf’s voice and melodies are instantly recognizable, making it a tremendous challenge for any actress to transform into the role. Mariaca Semprún, known as the “Queen of Musicals” in Venezuela, is up to the challenge. Semprún digs deep to channel her inner genius and pays a gorgeous tribute to Piaf’s voice, art and legacy as she physically and emotionally transform into the legendary singer. Leonardo Padrón, one of Venezuela’s most respected writers, has woven Piaf’s music into a captivating story.