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Caribbean Comedy Fest

Stand Up Comedy

The Caribbean Comedy Fest will celebrate the Caribbean natives, South Florida's largest demographic. We set to celebrate our commonalities as well as our differences, with Lots of Laughter. This show will give the area the rare opportunity to show their appreciation for our culture and accomplishments. The CCF artist were chosen to represent different factions of our Caribbean community. Admittedly, we could not capture the entire disapora. Time would not permit. We plan on doing more festivals in the near future to accommodate some of the other Caribbean descendants. The CCF did the next best thing, we contracted: Majah Hype, The Caribbean King of Comedy, he claims to be born on a cruise ship, and has many nationalities. Marc Trinidad, representing Trinidad. Ms. B representing the Caribbean Ladies and Haitians. Sawyer Boy representing The Bahamas. A portion of the proceeds will be donated to the Husband Against Breast Cancer.