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Qigong: Breathe & Shift - Thursdays

Health & Wellness/Nutrition, Class/Workshop

Would you like to increase balance, decrease stress or reduce pain? Breathe & Shift Qigong gently, yet profoundly, creates flexibility, balance & strength through gentle flowing movements. This powerful practice is surprisingly simple and was used to prepare warriors for focus during battle. It relaxes the mind while creating a natural balance of energy to support the body, lifting the spirit to enhance quality of life. Health Benefits: Lowers blood pressure, improves heart health & circulation. Increases strength, flexibility and balance in the muscles. Improves energy, inner peace, sleep and vitality. Helps with gastritis, IBS and ulcers by reducing negative effects of stress. Assists those with ADHD and learning disabilities, fatigue, low energy or high levels of anxiety. It's a safe and easy exercise for those who can't perform intense exercise or are limited due to age. Join certified Qigong Instructor, Desiree Kim each week with a different theme. This weekly practice begins with awareness of presence and continues on a journey to move energy as we let go of stress, entering a surreal awareness of bliss and calm. Upcoming Themes: Qigong: Breathe & Shift - Theme: Allowing your Flow Qigong: Breathe & Shift - Theme: Trusting in Yourself Qigong: Breathe & Shift - Theme: Opening to Receiving Qigong: Breathe & Shift - Theme: Gathering with Gratitude Investment in yourself: $20/class Upcoming schedule: Questions? Please email or call 754-367-9112.