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Mindful Art for Beginners - Saturdays 12:30pm - 2:30pm

Painting, Class/Workshop, Health & Wellness/Nutrition

Mindful Art - Beginner Classes - Saturdays 12:30 - 2:30 in Pompano at Integral Life Center Is your inner voice calling for greater freedom? Would you like to express your true self in a more meaningful way, while reducing stress? Then consider a Saturday journey with artist Desiree Kim, as she brings her experience of art and mindfulness to beginners! Connect genuinely, with a unique hands-on voyage to your personal freedom, each Saturday. Classes are more fun when you bring a friend & contrary to average "paint by instruction" classes, this connectivity experience invites you to "wander within" guiding you to your own "inner well of inspiration". Cultivate your relationship of expression inward and outward by creating a path of connectivity through Mindful Art. Each week, a 2 hour session unveils a beginners exploration of mindfulness, with unique practices that teach you to create a bond between your inner and outer experiences through Abstract Canvas Painting. Release the need for "replication" and embrace the "allowing of originality". Cultivate your relationship to "self" and freedom of expression, all the while, entering a state of relaxation and rejuvenation. Don't miss this unique opportunity to elevate your awareness and express yourself. Create a domino effect to the other areas of your life and allow greater expression of your true self in more meaningful ways at home, at work and with friends! Pre-register your seat(s) today & create space for your freedom of expression by signing up, today. Price: $39/per 2 hour class - includes supplies. Questions? Please email or call 754-367-9112.