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Introduction to Mindfulness with Lucas G. Irwin

Talks/Lectures, Health & Wellness/Nutrition

What is mindfulness? What are the benefits? How can I get started? This 3-hour workshop with Lucas G. Irwin will cover the history and benefits of mindfulness and will include periods of meditation practice and guidance. This 2600-year-old practice has withstood the test of time and is now supported by modern science and technological observation; bringing it to the forefront of modern, integrated medicine. We spend about 50% of our lives thinking about the past and the future while missing out on the tangible abundance and beauty of the present moment. A regular mindfulness practice can help us gain control of our attention and deepen our connection to our mind, body, and environment. The potential benefits of mindfulness are vast and can vary from one individual to the next; ranging from stress-reduction to physical pain management. Come join us on March 3rd and get a great introduction to this incredible practice and learn how it could potentially impact your life.