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Art Show, Fair/Festival, Benefit/Fundraiser

Join others for a Live Art Battle Fundraiser that entertains & inspires for a great cause. Artistic genius emerges as Live Artists Battle for your tips to win the front wall space in the Art Attack Gallery and 25% of the evening's proceeds bring the Mindful Art Program to Broward County Boys & Girls club. Official event link: Cheer, influence & participate as artistic form is created, explored & expressed in an atmosphere of celebration. Secret Garden joins us this month, adding a free Block Party to the festivities. Support the our mission by tipping your favorite artist to win, taking home a piece from the gallery, or entering the ArtBreaker Raffle, where each artist has donated a piece of artwork. 100% of raffle proceeds go towards the Mindful Art program which provides all supplies and instruction for 4 hours of classes that include meditation, mindfulness & abstract acrylic painting. This unique combination teaches youth vital life skills for handling stressful situations and expressing a variety of emotions in a healthy and productive way. For a list of artists that will be participating in the event, go to