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Frankie Midnight Live In Concert

Art Show

Frankie Midnight LLC presents, Frankie Midnight Live In Concert!, a live music and mini theater concert, exhibiting creative / performing artist, Frankie Midnight and his debut self produced album called, "Love Stories." Frankie Midnight Live In Concert! will take place at H2 Studios of the Arts at 7pm on Saturday, March 3rd of this year 2018. This concert highlights the emerging artist, Frankie Midnight as he performs his Indie / theater pop debut album, "Love Stories", through live music with a backing band as well as solo multi layering instrument looping. He will also showcase songs from the album through mini theater performance, interacting with the audience while "in scene" pertaining to the theme of each song performance. "Love Stories" was written, composed, recorded, and performed by Frankie at his home studio in Miami Gardens, FL. With the album now complete and available on ITunes, Google Play Store, Spotify, YouTube and other digital outlets, Frankie is ready to present the songs in a live concert which his company is funding and producing. It is his goal to elevate the contemporary independent artist by not only creating and producing all of his own works but taking control of his works and productions and building a direct fan to artist relationship for the purpose of a greater experience through entrepreneurship with artistic independence. Frankie Midnight Live In Concert! will be held in the fully equipped 200 seat flexible theater / exhibit and dancehall space at H2 Studio of the Arts that is also home to a complete professional sound recording studio. In this venue that is very much like a blank canvas allowing the guest to creatively imagine their events, Frankie Midnight Live In Concert! will take a warm and homey creative approach with an indoor decor reminiscent to a comfortable lounge setting to make the audience feel like they are hanging out in a large living room accompanied by live music and performing arts. There will also be an opening music and theater arts act prior to Frankie Midnight's main performance.