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Rachel Angel & Isaac Gillespie

Alternative, Live Music in Bar/Club

Isaac Gillespie (NY, of The Due Diligence fame) "Isaac Gillespie’s weirdo web of anti-folk and proto-punk is oddly irresistible" - Wondering Sound "The Due Diligence’s garage rock results in plenty of high-spirited call-and-response audience participation" - The New Yorker "The Due Diligence embraces soul-singer enthusiasm with punk-rock recklessness." - Consequence of Sound Rachel Angel (New York) “Her lyrics adopt the refined aesthetic quality of poetry while the content may as well be pulled straight from personal diary entries, offering a vulnerability that proves undeniably relatable. The sonic niche she occupies rests somewhere between fuzzy indie rock and alt country [...] atop a cushion of atmospheric organ you might hear in the work of classics like Wilco or Phosphorescent.” - The Deli Mag 2nd place winner of Best of NYC indie rock (2017) Support from: Lonewolf OMB (Bruno Esposito) "...a tornado of awesome sound.." - Miami New Times Womanmay "There's a lot of soul and wisdom in the experimental folk music that Womanmay puts out..." - She Does Podcast Doors @ 8pm $5