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Rewrite Your Love Story Conversation

Relationships, Talks/Lectures

Join our wellness expert as he leads a conversation on love. Explore your emotional patterns that might be causing relationship restrictions and see what new ways of being want to emerge. Enjoy organic wine and vegan chocolate cake too. The event is $20 for hotel guests and $30 per person for local guests. Please RSVP to for tickets.   Justin Gottlieb (host) has been deeply involved in the study of relationships, love, and sexuality for over a decade. He founded a dating and social consulting company in Manhattan that was featured on Huffington Post, Fox News, The New York Post and The Australia Morning Show. He is a graduate of Trainer Forum, a transformational training program for trainers and coaches. Justin focuses on coaching and somatic healing to support and inspire others in creating the life, love, and happiness they deserve. This talk will be an interactive experience around how we view love and relationships and is designed for singles and couples. It will be filled with practical tools to improve your romantic relationships as well as your relationship with friends, family, and co-workers.