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Beacons of Hope - The 2018 Substance Use Disorder Talks - 360 Degrees of Empowerment


A National Call to Action - changing how we think, feel, believe and treat Substance Use Disorder across the United States. Beacons of Hope will present a game changing symposium featuring nationally renowned visionary thought leaders, celebrities, and artists, sharing cutting edge ideas - standing together as one voice - in the battle against the epidemic of addiction. Speakers and recovery Artists will include: Pat O'Bustin Luke Ririen; Heather Hayes; William Cope Moyers; Brandon Novak; Royce da 5 9; John McAndrew; General Barrye Price; Carol McDaid, Jley, Justin Chapman, John Hulick, Andrew Burke; Leonard Lee Buschel; Jeffrey Mangrum; Joseph Green; Dr. Heather Howard, Dr. Janet Robishaw, Dr. Wendy Guastaferro; Klay Weaver, Mike Hendren and Darryl Strawberry.