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Exhibition: Sense, Feeling It or Not

Art Show

Are you ready to start feeling it or not? This exhibition is a conceptual representation of "the feelings we might have when we're missing some sense." We dare you to activate your senses through video-art, installations, performances, and two-dimensional mixed medium canvas by the multidisciplinary artist Marco Caridad. Join us for the opening on Thursday, April 19 at 7 pm. Curated by Rafael Muci. Art Consultant: Edith Monge-Silva. Dancer: Leonel Linares. (Exhibition will open from April 19 - 30). * Courtesy parking. ** Light refreshments will be served. About the Artist: The multi-layered, colorful, and textured mixed media in Marco Caridad’s work have in common the artist’s fascination with the Latin American culture and his relationship with the universal energy and mysticism. He was selected by a Venezuelan producer who used his life story and paintings as a source of inspiration for the play, “Sala Marco Caridad” which premiered with a Solo Show in Miami, in 2016. On "Beyond Raibon" at Gallery Galleon, in Puerto Rico, he completely sold out his collections during the opening night. Caridad has a background in advertising and theatre; He has produced work for Lenny Kravitz, Miami City Ballet, Mercedes Benz, Mastercard, Kimberly Clark, Visit Florida and Colgate-Palmolive, among others. #SenseMCaridad