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In Process: Homecoming with Ernest Baker and Kayla BriŽt

Art Show

HOME by Ernest Baker (2009 Winner in Dance & U.S. Presidential Scholar in the Arts) is an experimental documentary film that explores the artistís journey from boyhood to manhood in his hometown of Miami, Florida. Dances and hymns are captured by cinematographer Kayla BriŽt (2016 Winner in Cinematic Arts) to portray Bakerís growing pains as well as a longing for a much less ephemeral homeóHeaven. In Process: Homecoming is an artist residency dedicated to interdisciplinary collaboration. Providing a Miami-born alumnus/a with the time, space and resources to create work, this program encourages them to recruit other alumni outside of Miami to participate, experiment and innovate. At the conclusion of the residency, the artists showcase their work in the neighborhood where they grew up or feel most connected to, further expanding YoungArtsí programs into communities throughout the city.