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Ballet Flamenco La Rosa - Caminos Flamencos

World Dance

Caminos Flamencos, Sunday, April 8, 2018, at 3 p.m. in Pinecrest Gardens Caminos Flamencos delves into the most profound depths of the soul of flamenco with its sumptuous and fascinating music and dance to bring to the audience the richness of the varied styles and rhythms of the purest flamenco. Caminos Flamencos, with the spectacular rhythmic stamping or tapping of the feet, precise body movements, and vibrant energy, is at once spiritual yet sensual, primitive yet refined, full of restrained passion yet also of electrifying freedom, making it a highly dynamic and emotionally charged event. Ballet Flamenco La Rosa has presented shows of the highest caliber in Miami for over three decades. This new show, taking inspiration from the company’s Nuestros Caminos (Our Paths) will enthrall audiences with the unequaled power of Pure Flamenco at its best.