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Yoga/Pilates/Tai Chi

Espaņola Way is welcoming yogis of all skill levels to participate in Yoga a la Espaņola, free yoga classes led by Synergy Yoga on the pedestrian-only street every Saturday at 9:30 a.m. Synergy Yoga is the oldest yoga studio in Miami Beach and their first studio was located within Espaņola Way. Having over 15 years of experience with a variety of yoga styles, Synergy Yoga instructors will teach one-hour yoga sessions focusing on different techniques and proper poses that make up the dynamic practice of yoga. Participants can bring their own yoga mats or rent a customized Espaņola Way yoga mat for $2.

Dates in your area:
Espaņola Way
• Sat 7/21/18 at - 9:30 AM
• Sat 7/28/18 at - 9:30 AM
• Sat 8/4/18 at - 9:30 AM
• Sat 8/11/18 at - 9:30 AM
• Sat 8/18/18 at - 9:30 AM
• Sat 8/25/18 at - 9:30 AM
• Sat 9/1/18 at - 9:30 AM