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Tarot & Tonics

Social Event

The High Priestess of Cool says that you are in for...a good time. You are invited to join Intuitive Gangster for a night of mystical vibes when Tarot & Tonics takes over our favorite local hang: Phuc Yea’s Lantern Garden. We’ll be serving crystal-infused tonics featuring our friends at Kombrewcha & hella intuitive truths by our own sultry Spirit Success Specialist, Jenna G (@JDuhnnie). With multi-sensory experiences curated by Wise Roots Living, a reiki-based charging station brought to you by Annie The Alchemist + Phuc Yea's signature Deep Dirty Hip Hop, this is 100% guaranteed the place to be. Don't let #FOMO, be a thing. Ticket includes free reading + a Crystal-Infused Kombrewcha Tonic Clean Cocktail -- as well as, plant-based noshes from Phuc Yea from 7-8 PM. Happy Hour specials until 10PM! Good Vibes, included -- always. What is a Spirit Success Specialist? Spirit success specialists work with the spirit or the soul to heal illnesses at the undercover level. It is there that they are able to gain access to intuitive wisdom channeled directly from the universe, god, the spirit world, and so on. Jenna’s spiritual work focuses on removing the blocks in your professional business or the blocks that are keeping you from getting down to business (wink, wink). With her focus on development in romance and success and a no-nonsense, no holds barred approach to spirituality, she’s best known for sounding the siren under your latest business venture or igniting the siren within to take your life to that next level high vibe type.