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Drone School Miami Classes

Business, Computers/Technology

Professional Business, In-person Flight Training. Part 107 License Test Prep & Drone Business Marketing. Learn to fly Drones, Start a Drones related business and qualify to become a Professional Drone Pilot with practical hands-on Drone flying practice, Part 107 Drone License Test Prep, and learn how to establish and run a successful Drone Business, including best business practices, marketing and everything you need to know to get your share of what Business Insider called "The Best Business to Start in 2018". "Drone School U.S." is the first Drone School in Florida to offer the complete package of hands-on flying experience, FAA Part 107 Drone License Test Preparation and business operations education. The commercial drone market is expected to skyrocket to $23 billion annually by 2022, up from just $6 billion right now. So, join in Miami, Florida on March 24th and 25th for a two-day, exclusive training school, "Drone School U.S". Get your Drone Professional Business knowledge from experienced Drone and Commercial pilots, professional business marketing gurus and get your Professional Drone Business flying high in 2018. What you will learn and what you'll get: How to Fly Drones, Hands-on Instruction. How to Take and Pass the Part-107 Drone License Exam. How to Start and Successfully Run a Professional Drone Business. How to Market Your Drone Business Using Social Media, SEO, Internet Marketing and other Practical Marketing Techniques Much more. Why Drone School U.S.? One-on-one, personalized Drone training. Detailed Part 107 Exam preparation with sample questions and tests. Mentoring and support to build your Professional Drone Business. We're not just a school! We are a group of experienced professional Drone Pilots, business and marketing experts and people who really care about your success. Early Bird Price $997.00 until April 19th, 2018.