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Fix Your Business to be Scalable, with Melinda Emerson

Business, Education, Class/Workshop

Business owners will join Melinda Emerson in a no holds barred conversation about how to build a scalable business. The book covers how to hire the right people to work for you, close more profitable deals, build a legacy for your family and employees, or position your business to sell someday if you wish. On April 23, from 11:00 am - 2:00 pm, Melinda Emerson brings her powerful insights and know-how to Miami to share her revolutionary approach to creating a thriving business! She'll share: 12 P's of Running a Successful Business. Provide rock-solid techniques to help small business owners succeed. Melinda will walk you through how to fix your business with her. "12 P's of Running a Successful Business." She will lead you through clarifying your purpose; fixing your people problems; making your business more profitable; and focus on what you should measure in your business ... and more. Save your spot and learn implementable tools and techniques. Registration: