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Learn from a Pro - Photography & Videography

Museum, Photography, Mixed Media

Join us for #MuseumWeek and Learn from a Pro! Photography & Videography learning is made easy at WMODA by public artist #LloydGoradesky in the Chihuly gallery on Friday, April 27. Lloyd is a professional photographer, renowned for his iconic Gator in the Bay, a massive photo montage art installation that made its debut at Art Basel in 2012. Lloyd continues to work on innovative art projects including his unique wedding photo of a bride smelling her bouquet, a collage comprising 2,800 digital images of her wedding. Meet Lloyd at WMODA and Learn from a Pro. Learn how to use your camera or phone. Learn how to make your photos look their best. Learn how to make art with photos. Learn how to print photos. Learn how to capture video. Learn workflow processes to save and edit images. $20 donation to WMODA includes expert tuition and photo printing. Proceeds benefit the educational programs at WMODA. Artist CV: Artist Website: