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Trauma Informed Human Trafficking Certificate (Module 2)


The first track will serve the general public (Thursday, May 10th - Friday, May 11th). These two first days will cover, basic 101 information of what Human Trafficking is, what it is not, different forms of trafficking, beginning engagement skills as well as how to identify a possible trafficking victim, and two pre-recorded interviews with a male survivor of domestic sex trafficking and a female survivor who was trafficked into the United States to be sold for sex. The second track is much more clinical in nature, day three and four participants will receive an in depth understanding of trauma from a neurobiological, trauma resolution/ intervention stance. Innovative, cutting edge techniques will be presented and applied to this population, both experientially and theoretically. Guests will be invited to showcase the importance of working with this population from a trauma informed multi-disciplinary team approach, such as integrating drama, drumming, and body movement specialists. These last two days are reserved for upper level, graduate clinicians who counsel and engage survivors of sex trafficking in therapeutic relationships. For more information about the certificate please contact Professor Sambra Zaoui at