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Live Life the Experience

Social Event, Relationships

In essence, this event is the compilation of my life’s learnings into a progressive and free flowing experience to heal you, stretch you and give you back your life. You will rise above your circumstances, you’ll lift up like a bird and soar above the clouds, inspiring others by your strength and femininity. At the Live Life Experience you’ll find the woman you know you are inside. When you attend this experience, you’ll heal and restore your relationship with God, with you and with others. This 3 day event is called an “experience,” because I will indulge your senses in a world of flavors, colors, touch, smells, music and intuition. You’ll be “wowed” and surprised from beginning to end. After 3 days, you’ll be a more powerful and passionate woman, and it will carry over into all areas of your life. I promise. Join us June 25th thru the 27th for this once in a lifetime event. Go to to find out more.