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Yo Soy Ritmo! Danzon


A very special Father's Day concert with Bobby Ramirez y Su Majestad Ritmo! Danzon band and dance show. Proceeds to benefit our not-for-profit Instituto Folklórico Cubano Americano Maestro Bobby Ramirez. Masters of Ceremony: Luis Celeiro (Español-Cubano-Americano Actor of film, theater, radio and television), and Glenda R Mujer Esperanza (Show Producer, Radio Host). Our very special guests featured performers include Rene Lorente (renowned Cuban flutist, former member of Orquesta Aragon); Luis Serrano (Vocalist, Visual Artist, Poet); Azuquita Jasmine Liz Martínez (Principal Dancer, Actress, Poet). Dance choreography by Maestra Yamy; costume/wardrove design and executive show production by Glenda R Mujer Esperanza; music director Maestro Bobby Ramirez. Our honored guest includes Ricardo Leal, Founder and President of Proyecto Multicultural de Las Americas. About: Instituto Folklórico Cubano Americano Maestro Bobby Ramirez. Celebrating Cuban Folklore & Values of José Martí for Young People. Our Motto: Thanks be to GOD for my Talent. Gracias a DIOS por mi Talento. Our Vision: Bring people together to celebrate traditional Cuban folklore music & dances; to promote, preserve, educate and inspire young people with the family values of Cuba’s renowned poet and teacher, José Martí Our Mission: Instituto Folklórico Cubano Americano Maestro Bobby Ramirez (a non-profit cultural performing arts organization) established to bring people together through service to the community to preserve and promote Cuba's original folklore music and authentic dance traditions; to inspire, educate, entertain, share family values, give love and happiness to 1,000,000 kids and families per year.