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Deja-Vu presents Ms. Lou in Color


Ms. Lou in Color with special guest Owen "Blakka" Ellis Déja-Vu Theatre Pays Tribute to the Honorable Dr. Louise Bennett-Coverley Déja-Vu Theatre Productions, Inc. is producing a tribute to a Jamaican icon-the Honorable Dr. Louise Bennett-Coverley ("Miss Lou"), in celebration of Caribbean Heritage month. Ms. Lou, a woman who inspired many Caribbean poets to follow in her footsteps. She did not waver when she was told, "You can't speak like that." She adopted her ancestors' language and turned it into a means of cultural expression through poetry. This dialect, known as Jamaican Patois, is controversial but is recognized and imitated all over the world. As a comedian, she used both irony and laughter as a tool for reform. Deja Vu Theatre has adapted some of Miss Lou's wonderful and creative poetry pieces along with original pieces to create a Dramatic Pantomime Presentation. Join us as we explore her artistry. FREE garage parking on the 2nd level or higher