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Derek Smalls with SFSO - Lukewarm Water Live


Derek Smalls with South Florida Symphony Orchestra. Smalls, the bass force formerly of the fabled heavy metal band formerly known as Spinal Tap, will be performing his newest album Smalls Change (Meditations Upon Ageing) live with a full symphony orchestra. Smalls Change (Meditations Upon Ageing) is a poignant and oftentimes furious contemplation on aging that explores the passing of time and all things loud. With styles that cross the gamut of musical genres, the album possesses the edgy rawness and Rock God sensibility that was always shared by Smalls and his fellow former band members, Nigel Tufnel and David St. Hubbins. Smalls describes Smalls Change (Meditations Upon Ageing) as "halfway between rage against the dying of the light and trying to find the light."