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"Gordon Gumshoe, Fairy Tale Detective" at the Sandrell Rivers Theater

Children's Theatre

Fantasy Theatre Factory invites you to the Sandrell Rivers Theater for a free performance of "Gordon Gumshoe, Fairy Tale Detective" on Saturday, June 30, at 11 am. Throughout Fairy Tale Forest, vital pieces of treasured tales have gone missing. Unless they turn up soon, the stories will be lost forever. Time to call in Gordon Gumshoe, Fairy Tale Detective. Join in the fun as Gordon navigates the caper of a lifetime--complete with twists, crazy characters, hi-jinx and a surprise ending. Gordon depends upon his audience of Junior Detectives to point out clues, deliver messages, and maybe even save the day. Students and teachers can use this fairy tale spoof as a great jumping off spot for creative writing experiences. Get your free tickets here: