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Lychee Summer Celebration

Benefit/Fundraiser, Community Event

On June 30, Schnebly Redlands Winery will release the Lychee fruits of their labor in a most entertaining way during their Lychee Summer Celebration (LSC), partnering for the first time with the South Dade Chamber of Commerce and the American Cancer Society. The family friendly event has been a source of pride to the area, with South Florida being the only place in the Continental United States where the Lychee fruit is grown. The celebration will begin at 2pm, when the Farmerís Market opens with 50 vendors and six food trucks. At the Grand Tiki Culinary Lounge, guests will expand their food knowledge and watch Cooking Demos on how to incorporate lychee, local and organic foods in the kitchen. A Beer Mile, an awards ceremony, and live music will round out the celebration only to culminate with a patriotic fireworks display at 9pm.