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27th Annual American Cancer Society Jail & Bail

Community Event

Once again, Hollywood attorney David W. Singer is getting ready for Jail and Bail, his 27th year with this extraordinary and successful fundraiser. The event employs an innovative technique for raising money with fake arrests, real police and mock court trials overseen by ‘Judge’ David Singer himself and some loyal volunteers. This year’s Jail & Bail will be held in special memory of one of Singer’s devoted volunteers and employees, Jo Walters. Walters passed away just last month and has worked with Singer for over 15 years on Jail & Bail. She has been a backbone of the fundraising campaign, especially of the Up the River Cruise that caps off the Event every year. As in years past, Singer has selected people to form his parole board who are taught how to find ‘jailbirds’ (or people whom they want arrested). Volunteers on the parole board may have their worst enemy or best friend arrested and thrown in jail for this good cause. After this, the jailbirds make pledge calls to get ACS donations, aka bail money. If they can raise enough money through pledging, they get out of jail. This year, Singer has targeted a goal of $200,000.