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Jimmy Hicks


Bishop Hicks ministers through music with the same excitement that he does on the pulpit. Hicks delivered a fully loaded CD with enough ministry to carry you from praise to worship, from teaching to preaching and from ministry to outreach. Elder Hicks wants to “pull out of the fire” those who would be otherwise lost in the world. To lift the name of the Lord, as he encourages everyone to elevate their confidence in Christ by reading the word of God and applying it to increased quality of life. Without rehearsal or prompt, he can drum up just the right words, with rhythmic timing, and with all eyes focused-all ears tuned. Hicks commands attention like a coach rallying the troops to greatness. Like many small-town churches in the south, the quaint little church in West Palm Beach sits in the middle of an economically depressed neighborhood. A vast contrast to the modern day “mega-church, “but for those who visit, they are removed from that reality and are transported spiritually to a place of worship. People of all sizes and types are moved, from the comforts of their seat to a stance of worship and praise.