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Fast Pack Summer Slim Down Challenge

Seminar, Community Event, Health & Wellness/Nutrition

If you are struggling with your weight, then this is for you. Youíre invited to a free nutrition seminar at the Primal Fit 360 studio. During this seminar you will learn exactly what I did to help a small group of Primal Fit members lose over 100 pounds combined within 30 days doing simple exercises and focusing on diet. The information I want to share with you is so powerful yet simple, I canít wait meet you in person and show you how to utilize this technique to achieve your personal fitness goal. The people Iím helping currently have battled weight inbalances for most of their lives and have lost and gained weight more than they can remember. In my experience, most people have a negative relationship with food and an increasing amount of people are dealing with specific food addictions. Our program sheds light on toxic food relationships and empowers people to take full control of those negative eating behaviors that are interrupting their well-being. Traditional diet programs have failed individuals over and over again promising things they couldn't provide. Specially for the person participating in the program it can be extremely de-motivating when there is a significant amount of weight to lose with little to no progress. In fact, nothing is more frustrating than working out so hard and investing so much time and sweat and money while not seeing the desired results within a reasonable time frame like 30 days. Enough is enough and I chose to put all my energy into helping you and others who share this struggle. My personal goal now is to take as much weight off of you as quickly as possible, while empowering you to take massive action towards a healthier lifestyle.