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Miami Rum Congress 2019

Expo/Trade Show is proud to celebrate the 1st Miami Rum Congress. The boutique style event will showcase a handful of brands that emphasize on the education and premiumization of the rum category. The rum congress will be at the Shane Center (6500 Indian Creek Dr, Miami Beach, FL 33141). The USA is considered one of the most important countries for the entire rum industry. Before the American Revolution, rum was the most consumed spirit, and now an awakening is occurring. Our team is the producers of the Puerto Rico Rum Festival "Taste of Rum," California, New York and Chicago Rum Festival. All events are attracting hundreds of people from trade, rum aficionados, tourists & locals. The Miami Rum Congress will be divided in two days. Friday, February 8th - Rum education program design to elevate the knowledge of rum aficionados & industry professionals. Saturday, February 9th - Rum Tasting event and rum symposiums.