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December Harvest Brunch

Food/Tasting, Farmers' Market

December Harvest Brunch on The Farms of Redland. Sunday, December 16 The Taste of Redland team and Steve Haas, architect of Miami Spice, invite you to the first brunch in our Locavore Culinary series. Merriam Webster defines Locavore as one who eats foods locally grown whenever possible. Become a locavore and celebrate the farming community while experiencing all that is Redland-Raised and Fresh-from-Florida. Hosted at Patch of Heaven Sanctuary, the former Redland Matheson estate, this 20-acre non-profit tropical oasis features treats for all your senses. One of the only cocao farms in the United States, yes cocao used for making chocolate! Enjoy a bountiful buffet of local treats and special musical performances amidst a peaceful environment full of wonder and discovery. Learn about their adopt-a-tree program and help preserve an important tropical hammock. You’ve never experienced a brunch quite like this!