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Suze Orman, Jillian Michaels and Clinton Kelly Live Fort Lauderdale

Community Event

Suze Orman, Jillian Michaels and Clinton Kelly Live Fort Lauderdale Get Motivated! is a high energy, life changing day long event. Take Charge of Your Life! Special guest speakers: Suze Orman - America's most recognized expert on Personal Finance; Jillian Michaels - America's top Personal Trainer, Businesswoman, Author and Television Personality; Clinton Kelly - Co-Hosted What Not to Wear, Author, and Entrepreneur; Sharon Lechter - Co-Author of Rich Dad Poor Dad, Entrepreneur and only woman inducted into Personal Development Hall of Fame; Brian Forte - America's most recognized and experienced Entrepreneurial Business Trainer. Come listen to World Renowned speakers for a day of Motivation and Inspiration speak on Motivation, Leadership, Business Skills, Personal Development, Sales, and more. Get Motivated! Seminars have reached over 10 million people over the past 30 years and every Fortune 1000 company. Those that have graced our stage include 6 US Presidents, countless Heads of State, and the world's most successful personalities from sports, media, politics, business, finance and entertainment. Visit the Get Motivated! website to see scheduled lineup for your city. Get Motivated! Seminars is energetic and entertaining and the most informative event that you will attend. One day will change your life forever. Phone #: 18009057780. Email: January 30th 2019. 08:00AM - 04:45 PM. Location: Charles F Dodge City Center. 601 City Center Way. Pembroke Pines, Fl 33025.