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New Year, New Works! 2019: “Simon Says” by Kris L. Bauske

Staged Reading

Fantasy Theatre Factory at the Sandrell Rivers Theater invites you to its New Year, New Works! play reading series every Saturday of January 2019, which seeks to promote the creation of new works by South Florida playwrights. Support local, upcoming artists and enjoy a display of play readings covering a wide variety of diverse subjects. Admission is free with suggested donations. You are welcome to donate whatever amount you’d wish for your ticket. Reserve your free tickets now: About Simon Says: Things aren’t going so well for playwright, Connie Carmichael. She knows she’s meant to write for the stage, but the demands of a whiney husband and a lazy teenager are keeping her from realizing her goals. Exhausted, she nods off at her desk only to awaken and be visited by the ghost of the great Neil Simon! Simon is on a mission to help a few select struggling playwrights which will earn him a spot in eternity next to his first wife, Joan, the love of his life. But nothing is that easy. Shortly after Simon’s ghost appears and Connie finds herself doubting her sanity, Neil is joined by none other than the ghost of Walter Matthau. Now Connie’s sure she’s lost her mind. Can Neil help Connie grow as a writer and find eternal peace and happiness? Can Connie find a balance between the work she adores and the family she loves? Can Walter stop ribbing Neil long enough for us all to catch a breath between laughs? Styled along the lines of the great Simon comedies of the 1970s, Simon Says will make you laugh, make you cry, and give a fitting send-off to America’s greatest playwright.