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2019 Master Series: Pianist Francesco Libetta (Italy)


" Every note and run emerged perfectly articulated but always infused with character, tonal shading and a sense of fantasy and exploration. There was a wide and beautifully gauged plethora of contrasted dynamics. For the students of the academy, this was a textbook demonstration of superb pianism and interpretive insight. Lawrence Budman, " July 8, 2018. "Fury, demonically charged and technically staggering. Here is big piano playing in its most unfettered dangerous state.” Harold Schonberg, N.Y. Times Program: Delibes: Falstaff , Polka brillante sur l’opèra d’Ad. Adam , Grande Valse, Extraite du Pas des Fleurs, divertissement intercalé dans Le Corsaire , Romance sans paroles, Souvenir lontain Schubert: Valzer D 779, Minuetto con due Trii in Mi Maggiore D 335, 17 Ländler D 145 Op. 18 (6), Tchaikovsky: The Seasons (Op. 37a). Adolfo and Cotilla Gallery, 2nd floor.